World Ninja Federation Smart Card

World Ninja Federation

Conditions for receiving a membership card of the World Ninja Federation


Ninja WNF intelligent electronics system

The World Ninja Federation intends to issue smart cards to all its members around the world in order to coordinate and cover all WNF Ninja athletes around the world and to create a database. Therefore, considering the importance of the issue, it is appropriate for all athletes to register and receive the National Ninja Smart Card.

Documents required to issue a WNF electronic smart card:

1. Complete the special membership card application form

2. Provide 1 piece of 4 * 3 personal photo and related file

3. The 4 * 3 photo file must have a white background

4. Preparing and organizing sports records

5. Photographs of degrees, coaching and refereeing

6. Photo of identity card and national card

7. Photo of the last degree

8. Payment for electronic smart card issuance

Steps to receive the card:

• Send the complete documents required to receive an electronic smart membership card to the headquarters of the World Ninja Federation for review and issuance of the applicant's application.

• Applicants can refer to the coach or representative of their respective province to receive the federation membership card.

• Applicants can register and download from the official website and WNF application of the Ninja World Federation.

Terms and Conditions:

• The validity date of the card is 1 year from the date of issue.

• Please receive a new card one week before the expiration date

• Smart card holders will be fined in the event of a delay in renewing their card and will have to pay for the year they did not renew their card.

• All ninja members, including students, instructors, representatives, and judges, are responsible for receiving the ninja smart card, so to register and receive the ninja smart card, you must go to the link

• This card is for attending technical and international seminars, championships, technical tests, combat conferences and all activities of the World Ninja Federation.

• Those who do not have a Ninja membership card are not eligible to participate in any of the activities.

• The evaluation and annual activities of the representatives and the president of the federations of the countries are done with the statistics of the membership card ratio.